Our Team​

At ALM we know that the people make the business, that’s why we employ some of the best. ALM is a premier lawn care company in Alabama and everyone, from technicians and managers to customer service representatives and landscapers, works together to make sure our clients are happy. Here at ALM we are proud to be known throughout the state of Alabama for our superior work, and these are the smiling faces that help make that happen.

ALM Huntsville

Matt Jayne, President/Owner

Shane Appleman, Director of Operations

Jason Andra, Director of Turf and Ornamental Services jandra@ALMlandscapes.com

Blake Wimberly, Business Development Manager bwimberly@ALMlandscapes.com

ALM Birmingham

Hunter Ezell, Director of Maintenance

Patrick Long, Business Development Manager  plong@ALMlandscapes.com

ALM Montgomery

Jeff Ashcraft, General Manager

James Rawson, Account Manager

Kevin Faulkner, Business Development Manager kfaulkner@ALMlandscapes.com

Owens Landscape Construction

Billy Owens, President/Owner billy.owens@owenslandscapegroup.com

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