How Sustainable Practices in Commercial Landscaping Can Boost Property Value

As an award-winning, family-owned commercial landscaping company in Alabama, ALM Commercial Landscaping understands the importance of creating beautiful and functional outdoor spaces for our clients. But we also know that businesses are increasingly looking for ways to be more sustainable. Sustainable landscaping practices are not only good for the environment, but they can also have a positive impact on your property value.

In this blog post, we’ll discuss some of the key benefits of sustainable commercial landscaping and how they can boost your property value.

Reduced Maintenance Costs

Sustainable landscaping practices often use native plants that are well-adapted to the local climate. These plants require less watering, fertilizer, and pesticides than traditional landscaping plants. This can save businesses a significant amount of money on maintenance costs over time.

Improved Water Conservation

Sustainable landscaping techniques such as rainwater harvesting and drip irrigation systems can help businesses conserve water. This is not only good for the environment, but it can also help businesses save money on their water bills.

Enhanced Curb Appeal

A well-maintained and sustainable landscape can improve the overall appearance of a commercial property, making it more attractive to tenants, customers, and investors. Studies have shown that properties with attractive landscaping can command higher rents and sale prices.

Increased Property Value

There is a growing demand for sustainable properties. A study by Dodge Data & Analytics found that green buildings can command a premium of up to 6% on rent and sale prices. By implementing sustainable landscaping practices, businesses can increase the value of their property.

Reduced Environmental Impact

Sustainable landscaping practices can help to reduce pollution, conserve resources, and create wildlife habitat. This can help businesses improve their corporate social responsibility (CSR) profile and attract environmentally conscious tenants and customers.

Growing Demand for Sustainable Properties

The demand for sustainable properties is undeniable. A CBRE survey revealed that a whopping 84% of respondents plan to have sustainability strategies in place by 2021 [Source: ZipDo]. This trend is driven by several factors, including:

  • Increased environmental awareness: Consumers and businesses alike are becoming more aware of the environmental impact of their choices.
  • Government regulations: Many governments are enacting stricter regulations on energy use and water conservation, making sustainable practices more important than ever.
  • Financial benefits: Studies have shown that sustainable properties can command higher rents and sale prices.

Expert Insights on Sustainability’s Value

Industry leaders recognize the value proposition of sustainable landscaping:

  • “Green buildings often command higher rental rates and property values,” says a Dodge Data & Analytics report, highlighting the financial benefits [Source: CIM blog post on Green Real Estate].
  • “Sustainability leads to market differentiation and increased revenues,” according to 61% of corporate leaders surveyed, demonstrating the strategic advantage [Source: ZipDo].

How ALM Commercial Landscaping Can Help

ALM Commercial Landscaping is committed to helping businesses create sustainable outdoor spaces. We offer a variety of sustainable landscaping services, including:

  • Native plant selection
  • Rainwater harvesting
  • Drip irrigation systems
  • Organic pest control
  • Permeable pavement

By working with ALM Commercial Landscaping, you can create a beautiful, functional, and sustainable landscape that will boost your property value and improve your bottom line.

Contact ALM Commercial Landscaping today to learn more about our sustainable landscaping services. We can help you create a landscape that is good for your business and good for the environment.

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